Kia Patterson Opens First Black-Owned Grocery Store in Compton, CA

Kia Patterson_Compton Grocery Store


Kia Patterson has not only accomplished her dreams of owning her own grocery outlet, but she also is serving the community and making history in the process.

Patterson purchased and took ownership of the Compton Grocery Outlet during summer 2016 after being recruited by the company to assist them in expanding their stores in the Los Angeles area. She began training in  June of 2016 and officially became the owner of the Compton store April 1, 2017.

She credits the business move to her experience of working with the grocery chain, Smart & Final, for 17 years.

Even though owning her own store was a goal of hers, Patterson recognizes that the store serves a greater purpose for the city of Compton, which was previously deemed a “food desert” by the USDA in 2013. Patterson took the opportunity to provide healthier and less-expensive food options that many low-income communities aren’t offered.

“The prices of our organic groceries are much cheaper than most grocery stores,” Patterson said in an interview with the Los Angeles Sentinel.

“The major American brands are also 40 to 60 percent cheaper. You can come here and get quality food for great prices.”

As a native of Lynwood, California, located right next to Compton, Patterson is invested in her community and hopes that they will continue to support her and keep the store open, and providing a healthier lifestyle for Compton residents.

Kesi Felton

Communications Intern

Kési Felton is a sophomore Journalism major from Atlanta, Georgia. This year she serves as the Senior Editor for Her Campus Howard Chapter. She also works with the Cathy Hughes School of Communications Student Council as the Assistant Director of the Freshman Mentoring Program. In addition to writing her own personal blog, she has written articles for Walker's Legacy and Pretty Girls Sweat, LLC. Through writing and journalism, Kési hopes to share the stories of underrepresented groups, starting with Black women.