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  • Walker’s Legacy Seeks Entrepreneurship Instructors: Dallas/Philadelphia


    Walker’s Legacy is currently hiring independent contractors to facilitate and lead entrepreneurship and financial literacy curriculum in Dallas and Philadelphia for programs commencing in September 2018.

    Walker’s Legacy is a global platform for the professional and entrepreneurial multicultural woman. We exist to inspire, equip, and engage through thought-provoking content, educational programming and a global community.

    Overview: WL is currently hiring a part-time contractor to facilitate and lead entrepreneurship curriculum for up to 25 participants. We are looking for instructors who will commit to facilitating a 2-day bootcamp in September 2018.


    • Develop marketing and promotion plan for program including engaging with local media and external outlets
    • Organize, prepare and facilitate 2-day bootcamp entrepreneurship instruction
    • Ensure cohort engagement in pre-session and post session work
    • Submit post program report using metrics provided by the Walker’s Legacy
    • Develop and manage a database of guest speakers/experts and ensure engagement via e-mail outreach
    • Conduct post program weekly email outreach to mentors to ensure engagement with participants (2 required follow-up emails)
    • Provide feedback and coaching to participants on pitches

    Administrative Requirements:

    • Participate in Walker’s Legacy training session to learn program, curriculum, app and cohort structures
    • Provide written reports to the Walker’s Legacy program associate on status of programming, training and other matters of importance and urgency to the organization and programming team
    • Conduct post program interview and debriefing with Walker’s Legacy national team
    • Conduct ongoing evaluation of participants performance, improvement, participation and other vital components of engagement

    Participant Recruitment and Retention:

    • Aid in the promotion of programming with local and national program partners including the dissemination of information about the program

    Expertise and Qualifications:

    • BA or BS required, Master’s preferred
    • Personal experience or exposure to entrepreneurship, having successfully started and grown a business, with current knowledge of financial, marketing and/or business strategy;
    • Prior experience in teaching/coaching adult learners, experience within instruction in the field of business required;
    • Familiarity with and use of interactive teaching techniques, case-based learning, encouraging self-directed learning and reflection, and incorporation of participants’ past experiences and expertise;
    • Ability to create an environment of learning and personal accountability; including facilitating the development of a trustful and honest learning relationship amongst the participants, ensuring that learning objectives are met, and communicating the importance of course assignments to the development of participants’ businesses;
    • A toolbox of teaching skills that include skilled facilitation and presentation, excellent organization and time-management skills, ability to assess learning needs and respond appropriately—taking an individualized teaching approach as needed, good observation skills, appropriate analytical skills, fostering of reflection, giving and receiving feedback effectively;
    • Ability to aid and comfort working with women from varied socio-economic backgrounds and educational attainment levels.
    • Cultural competency and respect for diversity
    • Flexible, adaptable and engaging
    • Sincere interest in advancing entrepreneurship for women



    To apply

    For more information on the position, please click the city of your choice:

    1. Dallas 
    2. Philadelphia

    Deadline to apply: July 27, 2018



    Walker's Legacy

    Walker's Legacy

    Walker’s Legacy is a digital platform for the professional and entrepreneurial multicultural woman and exists to inspire, equip, and engage through thought-provoking content, educational programming, and a global community.